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Our Team

Makame Thani

Founder & head Tour Guide

Born and raised in Nungwi Village, Makame speaks excellent English and has over 12 years experience working in tourism. He loves exploring and going on adventures. 



Tour Guide

Kombo grew up in Nungwi with a love for his islands history and culture, he now holds a wealth of knowledge about Zanzibar and enjoys sharing this with customers.


Tour Guide

Ali, also a local from Nungwi, speaks both English and conversational German. He is very athletic and loves to cycle.


Tour Guide

Sultan is our newest tour guide and he is very enthusiastic about our tours. Also from Zanzibar, he loves sharing its hidden treasures with customers on our cycling tours.


Tour Guide

Omar loves to talk to customers about Zanzibar's history and culture on our tours. He is fun, energetic and a great cyclist.

Our Mission

Zanzibar Cycling Adventures aims to create sustainable tours catering to tourists interests in the local Zanzibari culture, history and environment. We aspire to expand these tours throughout Unguja Island, Zanzibar, continuing to support the local economy through eco-friendly cycling tours.


100% of proceeds go into the locals hands.

Who We Are

Zanzibar Cycling Adventures began as Nungwi Cycling Adventures, created by a local guy called Makame Thani from Nungwi Village, with a great passion for cycling and a vision for cycling tours that offer tourists an eco-friendly opportunity to see inside Zanzibar.


The success of Nungwi Cycling Adventures meant that Makame needed to train and employ more tour guides to sustain the demand. This success also made Makame develop a new vision, offering tours in other locations around Unguja Island.



Our core principles:


  • All tours are eco-friendly

  • Employ and train local Zanzibari’s in an effort to combat unemployment issues

  • Ensure capital made from tours is spread fairly amongst all parties partaking within each tour, as an effort to combat poor local economy issues throughout the island

  • Offer customers fun and exciting tours whilst also providing them with an insight into some of Zanzibar’s history, culture and environment

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